Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Smartee communicate with the Z-Wave devices directly or a Z-Wave controller (vera lite for example) must be connected as middle hub for controlling Z-Wave devices?

Yes, Smartee communicates with the ZWave devices directly. Actually, it also communicates with Zigbee and Wifi operated devices! You can find the supported devices... Read more

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There are different ZWave frequencies outside the US. Does Webee work with all of them?

On our online store you will be able to select between the available Smartees with the frequencies for each region.

-For USA, 908.4 MHz.

- For European Union, 868.4 MHz.

- For... Read more

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Will Webee work with Wifi?

Yes. Smartee is compatible with smart object that connect through Wifi. Check... Read more

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Will Webee work with ZWave?

Yes. *Smartee is compatible with smart object that are connected through the ZWave wireless connectivity standard. Even more, the architecture implemented for Zwave allows us to implement Zwave... Read more

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What’s the connectivity compatibility?

Our Philoshopy is to integrate the Smartee with the most renowned third party hardware in the world. Our hub is a bridge between USB-Wifi-Zigbee-ZWave-Bluetooth devices, that means that it... Read more

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How many cameras can I see through my smartphone?

The amount of cameras you can efficiently visualize through your Smartphone, will depend on many variables:

*speed of the router or switch that you have at home.

*the way the cameras... Read more

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Did you provide bees for home security camera?

Webee has strong capabilities with cameras and takes safety and security very seriously.

Our hardware is already working and tested. We are developing the features for Smartee App (built in... Read more

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Is my information safely kept?

Yes! We’ve developed and ensured encrypted security protocols to protect your information’s safety and confidentiality. Your information will be guarded when travelling between... Read more

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How secure is Webee?

Our cloud is running in a google app engine, with https, fullrest APIs and Oauth, and other security standards.

The Wireless Security for the Smartee can be: Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA/WPA2-... Read more

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What if power or internet goes off?

If the power goes off, Smartee will be turned off but the smart objects that runs with batteries will keep running, communicating with each other. For example, if the power goes off and there’s an... Read more

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