Frequently Asked Questions

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Como usar su Tablero de Medio Ambiente (Enviornment Dashboard)
Con su Environment Dashboard (Tablero de Medio Ambiente) puede monitorear su hogar en todo momento.
Controle los niveles de Temperatura, Luminosidad y Humedad para mantener su casa... Read more
How to add the Smart Switch to Smartee?


To add the Smart Switch to Smartee follow these simple steps:

1- Tap on "Search & Add Devices" on your Webee App.

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How to Add Smart Plug to Smartee

To add Smart Plug to Smartee follow these simple steps:

1- Tap on "Search & Add Devices" on your Webee App. 

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How to Add sensors to Smartee


To add the Smart Thermostat to Smartee follow these simple steps:

1- Tap on "Search & Add Devices" on your Webee App.

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How to use my Environment Dashboard?
With your Environment Dashboard you can monitor your home at all times.
Control Temperature, Humidity and Luminosity levels to keep your home safe and efficient.
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How to use my Energy Dashboard?

On your Energy Dashboard you can track energy consumption to add efficiency to your home:

  • Learn exactly how much each device consume to discover patterns in usage.
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I can't reset my Webee account password

In order to reset your password, you can do it either from Webee App or through our main page and click on Forgot your password... Read more

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How can I find My Webee App on Apple Store?

You can search it as My Webee or you can use the direct download link: Read more

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What is the speed of the USB ports?

All USB ports speed is USB2.0 standard.


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Webee’s USB port, support external hardware?

The USB port supports external USB hardware. It can power the drive as long as the drive doesn't drain more than 800mA of current.

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    external hardware