How to talk to Anita

Fri, 09/16/2016 - 16:00 -


Anita is Webee's voice control that execute commands using the Air Mouse Mic. Press the Mic button and ask Anita to execute any actions such as"Add Device", "Open an App" or "Turn on Kitchen lights". 

See bellow how to talk to Anita!

Basic Commands
Say hello to Anita: "Hello Anita!" "Hello Webee!"
Say good bye to Anita: "Bye bye Anita", "Good bye Anita", "Bye bye Webee", "Good bye Webee"
Devices Commands
Add Device: "Add device", "Search device", "Discover device","Add devices", "Search devices", "Discover devices"
Turn on device: "Turn on + Device Name" ED: "Turn on kitchen lights"
Turn off device: "Turn off + Device Name"
Dim device: "Set+ Device Name + XX%", "Dim + Device Name + XX%" ED: "Dim bathroom lights 50%"
Security Commands
Arm home monitoring in away mode: "Arm away"
Features Commands
Execute a Scene: "Execute + Scene Name" ED: " "Execute + Welcome Back"
Check weather: "What's the weather like?", "How's the weather?", "Weather"
Open and App: "Open + App Name", "Launch + App Name" . ED: "Open Netflix"