The best part of the ultimate all-in-one smart home

By admin, Tue, 03 Feb 2015

You get a knock on the door, it’s the mailman with your Webee kit. You open the box (how nice it is to peel off the plastic to unveil the newness! right?) and after just a few minutes, you are ready to go. Except you realize that it’s even nicer because on top of installing a system that lets you optimize the way you interact with your daily objects you also get to turn your TV into a smart TV box.

That means, the smartest smart home hub designed to offer the ultimate comprehensive experience. By simply connecting the smart home hub Smartee to the power supply, to the internet through wireless (or an Ethernet cable) and finally to the TV’s HDMI connector, you are turning your TV into a smart TV with your Webee Smartee hub. It’s really that easy. You will be able to control your smart home’s dashboard and also start browsing the internet on your mobile device, only now you get to enjoy it on a big screen. How cool is that?  

How important it is the all in one smart home hub? It ultimately upgrades your smart home experience. Did you know you can download any app and run it on your TV? Also, any external hard drive can be connected through an USB port to enjoy its media, using your remote control as an air mouse pointer (you can even extend the amount of ports by connecting a USB hub). Browse through photo galleries on Facebook; watch movies and listen to music from an external drive or any mobile devices connected to wifi.

You can now live surrounded by smart objects that you control from wherever you are and,  on top of that, turn your TV into a Smart TV. The smart home dashboard showing up in your TV screen.  We want to make sure you have the best enhanced experience possible, and these are a just a few of the many reasons why Webee is much more than a smart home.